7 Easy Grooming Tips for Sensitive Skin

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7 Easy Shaving Tips for Sensitive Ethnic Skin
October 9, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by That's Smoooth
grooming tips for black and hispanic men

Men of all beard textures deserve a nice, clean shave. Unfortunately, the market is dominated by shaving products that don't serve multicultural men and/or men with sensitive skin. Sick of the red bumps and itchy aftermath? With everything from technique to the best shaving cream for your skin, we've put together 7 easy grooming tips for Black and Latino men with sensitive skin.

1.High-Quality Razor For YOUR Texture

Your razor is probably the most important tool in your shaving kit. That's why it's crucial to have a sturdy razor that is tailored to you and your needs. Using a Safety Razor with Double Edge blades is ideal for men with sensitive skin and curlier/thicker hair and comes with tons of benefits .

• Extremely close shave

• Prevents razor bumps

• Prevents irritation

• Prevents ingrown hairs

Now, men with sensitive skin never have to worry about sacrificing quality for a non-irritating shave. Razors like our Classic 2-Piece Single Blade Safety Razor, and our Super Platinum Double Edge blades are built for this purpose. No added pressure needed. Just guide it and glide it.

2. Use A Proper Technique

No matter your skin type, learning and utilizing a good shaving technique is necessary for a healthy, effective shave. Your shaving technique will vary depending on the facial hair you're working with, but three basic rules should always be followed.

• Shave in the direction of your hair growth. If you decide you’d like a closer shave, take a second pass in the same direction or across grain (ear to chin or vice versa), but always begin by shaving with the grain (you can request our face mapping guide to get you started (just send us an email request).

• Be gentle! Given that you're putting a blade against your face, shaving is not the kind of thing you want to rush. Our Safety Razor is perfectly weighted to do the shaving - requires no added pressure.

• If the shave is uncomfortable and you're getting a lot of resistance, that's an important clue that you need to alter your technique. Refer to our Face Mapping Guide or take a moment to gently brush that back side of your fingers against your whiskers. Whichever side gives the most resistance (against the grain), shave in the opposite direction (with the grain).

3. Wash your face with a gentle Facial Wash

Our Exfoliating Beard & Facial Wash was specifically built to effectively wash away surface dirt, remove those clogging dead skin cells, while adding necessary moisture to skin and hair follicles for best prepping your skin and beard stubble to be shaven. It even keeps pores open to prevent ingrown hairs.

4. Use All-Natural Shaving Cream

Using all-natural products, such as our Premium Natural 3 in 1 Shaving Cream, ensures that your sensitive skin won't be left irritated by unnecessary toxins and chemicals. This multi-tasking product is the best shaving cream on the market for men with sensitive skin (especially those with a multicultural texture)

Made with deep-sea mud and essential oils, this shaving cream will give you a comfortable shave, purifying, moisturizing, and restoring along the way. In fact, by applying the cream to the rest of your face with a rubbing motion you are effectively giving yourself a facial.

5. Two Rinses Instead Of One

An underrated part of any shave is , especially for those with curlier/thicker facial hair, is to apply a very warm/hot towel to your face for a couple of minutes before shaving. The best barbers use shaving brushes, and you should too. Especially if you’re prone to razor bumps. Our chrome plated solid brass handle brush will lift your facial hairs away from your skin for a super-close, irritation and bump-free shave.This softens your facial hair, preventing razor bumps, by making them far easier to be cleanly removed by your razor.

6. Prep With A Pre-Shave Oil

Another useful prep step is to utilize a natural pre-shave oil product. It improves razor glide to prevent pulling and tugging. Our Premium Natural Pre-Shave Oil ensures that men with sensitive skin and any combination of wavy, curly, and thick hair will be guarded against razor irritation.

A pre-shave oil protects your skin for your shave, all the while coating your skin and hairs with a nourishing, antioxidant-rich formula that fights microbial bacteria. Given that it's also made with tea tree oil, avocado, and other natural ingredients, it also smells undeniably good.

7. Finish With A Premium Aftershave

The final step to your sensitive skin shave is in using a premium aftershave. A high-quality aftershave, such as Our 3n1 Aftershave Balm, is the perfect way to end your routine. There are many benefits to using an aftershave. Our Aftershave Balm has all the most important qualities:

Soothes and calms skin

Rebuilds skin barrier

Anti-aging formula

Protects against harmful UV rays and environmental stressors

Hydrates/moisturizes skin - all day long

Just a dime-sized amount after your shave can change the way your face feels throughout the day. Made with chamomile, beta-glucans, hyaluronic acid, oleosomes and other nourishing botanical ingredients. You shouldn’t have to settle for a lackluster aftershave that doesn't leave you feeling fresh and clean.

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