Ultimate Shaving System to prevent getting ingrown hair and irritation.

  • 1.Wash face with a gentle cleanser or ph balanced soap.  

2. Apply our Pre-Shave Oil.  Use about a dime’s worth, and apply over entire beard. Use a little more on areas where whiskers are thicker. Apply a hot towel for 2 - 3 minutes (Heating, then re-heating once).

3. Apply our Shaving Cream.
a) Brush or brushless. However, using a Shaving Brush is best: it not only works up a good lather, but it exfoliates the skin, lifting dead skin cells: significantly reducing the chance of razor bumps by unclogging pores and properly positioning hair to be cut cleanly (At the skin level)! 

4. Shave using our single blade, Safety Razor, specially engineered for shaving wavy to curly textured hair closely yet non-aggressively, with the grain growth pattern. Note: Hair Grain Growth Patterns Can Change: Especially below the jawline, and at neckline! Best method for determining grain growth pattern is to lightly rub back of fingers across beard (up, down, side to side). Whichever feels roughest is AGAINST grain! Shave in other direction...That's The Smoooth™ Way!!!

a) For closer shave, re-wet face, apply more cream
and shave across the grain (ear to chin).        

b) DO NOT APPLY PRESSURE TO THE RAZOR! Let the razor do it's work. Lay it on beard at about a 30° angle and gently move razor in the direction of the cut. Guide it and Glide It! ...Be Smoooth™.

5. Apply a cold towel to shaven area once or twice (depending on comfort) to shock the skin and close your pores. Pat or fan dry face and neck area.

6. Apply our Aftershave Balm: to soothe, moisturize and rejuvenate freshly shaven skin. Now You've Got Your Smoooth™ On!!! NO BUMPS! NO RAZOR BURN!...Just Smooth, Moist, Youthful Looking Skin.