That's Smoooth™ Classic Twister 2 Piece Safety Razor

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$71.99 VALUE For $48.99! NEVER HAVE TO BUY ANOTHER RAZOR! This is one of the finest razors in the world! This 2 - Piece Safety Razor is specially engineered to prevent razor bumps and irritation by providing a close, yet non-aggressive shave for Multicultural men with wavy to curly hair.

All you will ever need to enjoy a remarkably close and comfortable wet shave for life! Made out of solid brass and chrome plated, with a textured, no slip handle to prevent unwanted cuts. Manufactured using the highest detailed manufacturing process to insure a lifetime of pleasure.

Details: Razor: Height: 4 inches; Weight: 3.5 oz.; Material: Head made of zinc alloys; Handle made of Brass Metal; Plating: Chrome; Head type: Closed Comb.