That's Smoooth™ Classic Twister 2 Piece Safety Razor

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$71.99 VALUE For $48.99! NEVER HAVE TO BUY ANOTHER RAZOR! This is one of the finest razors in the world! Specifically engineered to prevent you from razor bumps and irritation. Gives you a close, yet non-aggressive shave.

Luxury design made out of chrome plated solid brass. A textured, non-slip handle to prevent you from unwanted nicks and cuts. Manufactured using the highest detailed manufacturing process to insure you a lifetime of pleasure.

Details: Razor: Height: 4 inches; Weight: 3.5 oz.; Material: Head made of zinc alloys; Handle made of Brass Metal; Plating: Chrome; Head type: Closed Comb.

How To Use The That’s Smoooth Classic 2 Piece Razor:

1. Remove razor from its case.
2. Lay razor on its head with base of handle faced up.
3. Turn knob counter-clockwise (left) while lifting razor slightly, until head falls off.
4. Place the double-edge razor blade into the slots under the razor head (facing you).
5. Insert handle into the slots (until you feel the spring) with fingers at each end of base.
6. Turn knob clockwise (right) until it tightens. Don't over-tighten.
7. Tilt razor blade at about a 30 degree angle and make short strokes - DO NOT ADD ANY PRESSURE. Just guide it and glide it.