Classic Two-Piece Single Blade Safety Razor (Rasurador Clásico Con Navaja De Doble Filo)

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• Gives a super-close, non-aggressive shave
• Prevent irritation
• Prevent Razor Bumps/Ingrown Hair

Full Description

Prevents Razor Bumps and Irritation: Our Classic Two-Piece Single Blade Safety Razor provides you with a super-close shave. Engineered to prevent you from razor bumps and irritation. Manufactured using the highest manufacturing process available, our razor is designed specifically for wavy and curly hair.

How To Use

1) Lay razor on it's head with base of handle faced up
2) Turn knob counter-clockwise[left] until head comes off
3) Place double edge blade into slots
4) Insert handle into slots [until you feel the spring] with fingers at each end of base
5) Turn knob clockwise[right] until it tightens
6) Tilt razor degrees and make short strokes - DO NOT APPLY ANY PRESSURE (Guide it and glide it)

Made With

Luxury Design
Knurled Non-Slip Handle
Chrome Plated Solid Brass
Zinc Alloy Head
Closed Combed

Product Details

Height: 4 inches
Weight: 5.5 oz
Collection: Multicultural Mens Care

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